SONYA MONINA is creating a new Ladies Collection.     Main concept of collection is revival of centuries-old traditions. Woman is Strength and Weakness of Man. She is a Queen of Nature; she is a Guardian of Strength and Great Lady who is keeping whole World.   Because of World’s Wars and Cataclysms we lost most of our traditions. Long time ago Woman was Creator and Guardian of hearth and

SONYA MONINA представила conceptual lookbook FW2021 CONCEPTUAL LOOKBOOK FALL/WINTER 2021 Philosophical reflection through the prism of fashion design.   Collection shows conceptual idea of whole alive’s inner in the World. Every creature on the Planet consists of something serious and mysterious covered with sensuality. Everything is depending and supporting by itself . External World depends on Internal and VS. All things made by sculptural technique from genuine leather with designers

LookBook Fall-Winter 2020 by Sonya Monina.   A human being is always part of Nature and Society. Simple geometry is a base of everything. However, geometry contains depending and supplementing parts of mosaic under main plan. Whole World, human (society) and all things which surrounded him are one. Different facts and objects are underlined by ourselves have sense only like a part of Plan. Holistic design is a conceptual idea

Vest Heaven&Earth by Sonya Monina Everything in our mortal world came to light as the result of the interpenetration of Heaven and Earth, Yang and Yin, male and female. And good and evil. In nature and in life. One without the other is unthinkable, one into another. The vest carries with it the conceptual idea of the interpenetration of Heaven and Earth. This is expressed in the harmonious combination of

Cubic jacket SonyaMonina At the core of each object is a simple geometric shape. The form consists of interactive, unified and complementary whole mosaic elements that are subordinate to the General idea. A conceptual example of this performs Cubic jacket SonyaMonina. It is created from rectangles of various geometric shapes, laid out structurally in such a way that they eventually form one large rectangle. Model-unisex. Made from two materials –

SONYA MONINA ПРЕДСТАВИЛА НА UFW  МУЖСКУЮ КОЛЛЕКЦИЮ FALL/WINTER 2020/21  У каждого из Нас на этой Планете есть своя Миссия. Мы приходим сюда, чтобы её выполнить. Являясь звеньями системы, Мы подвергаемся пристальному вниманию стражей Порядка и Хаоса. Одним из них является Баламут. Этот Генератор появляется там, где этого требует Система. Иногда, мы вызываем Его сами. А, иногда, Он приходит сам… B A L A M U T   На моделях были

Brand SONYA MONINA presented LookBook collection SS`20   First time in the history of brand new collection presented for both men and ladies. We removed main differences between males and females clothes making it unisex. We did it because a lot of ladies have interest to Men’s clothes. Our outfit underlines their strengths. – “I dress up SM, because this clothes are created for Me!”   PHOTO – SharkFilms STYLE

During official Ukrainian Fashion Week SS 20 brand Sonya Monina presented new mens collection. Collection SS 20 was created for men who were born to win and to be a leader. This is for ambassadors of the World. This is for people who knows what they want and who knows how to reach a goal. This is for people who knows himself, love his life and winners. – «It’s made

On 7th of July Sonya Monina presented Summer Mens Collection for age 50+. You could see it during Jewish Fashion Days in Jewish Hesed ` Bney Azriel. The partner was Jewish Center ` Halom`.  

Muzhikman The first private party MUZHIKMAN (Sonya Monina’s project) took place at Showrooms on 15th of June in Kyiv. There was a lot of activities as Presentation of project, Stylist’s class, small show of SM clothes and food and drinks from Texas Rancho’s restaurant. All guests took part in lottery with prizes and had chance to buy any piece of collections with 20% discount.