Cubic jacket SonyaMonina

At the core of each object is a simple geometric shape.
The form consists of interactive, unified and complementary whole mosaic elements that are subordinate to the General idea.
A conceptual example of this performs Cubic jacket SonyaMonina.

It is created from rectangles of various geometric shapes, laid out structurally in such a way that they eventually form one large rectangle.
Model-unisex. Made from two materials – leather and wool and are of the three colors. Two shades of brown mixed in constructive geometric chaos. Bright red accents, the detail on the sleeves, decorative stitching and zipper in the neck and side seam.

Adjacent silhouette, sophisticated cut and transformirovat shape of the jacket, make it unique, conceptual, and at the same time wearable art object. Zipper in the side seam and neckline are both functional and conceptual meaning.
Thanks to the constructive and non-trivial location of the zippers in the jacket, you can easily change the shape and volume.

In the process of life, the creation individual acquires a vintage effect. And, thanks to the thermal properties, retains heat well and is breathable. This allows the body to breathe and thus provides comfort. Everything else, multi-purpose wardrobe.
And goes well with different style things.

Also, the entire area of the jacket are lines of stitches. Handmade, decorative and other. In them lies the main conceptual idea. These lines, how would decompose the object into simple elements.
Thereby, showing the main distinguishing characteristic of Cubism.


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