Sonya Monina (current name Olga Georgieva) – is a clothes designer, lady with a male character. Because of this feature she is feeling men, their needs and mood. She creates nice and constructive clothes. Each piece characterized with modern life activities and border between present and future. World, Space and life in the different systems is found in the designer’s style. SONYA MONINA thinks that you have to be yourself, feel the World and keep up with the modern time. The first impression is clothes what we are wearing.

The beginning of career

From 5 years old Sonya knew that she would create clothes. She is Sewing School and Kyiv University of Technology and Design graduated. Sonya Monina is a nickname which became later as a brand name. It showed up during college time and became designer’s case of luck. At the beginning of her career Sonya worked as clothes designer and tailor. At the same time, she worked on her own collection for ladies and gents. It wasn’t wasting of time and she presented conceptual collection M.U.T.A.T.I.A (Mutation) in 2011. The famous guests of show were Chief of “Vogue Paris” and advisor of Jean Paul Gaultier. They highly appreciated Sonya Monina and predicted her honorable place in the Fashion Industry.

During International Competition “Nuance” Sonya Monina got grand prize with collection Z.E.F.I.R. and was invited for the Washington Fashion Week (USA)
Idea to dress up men, revealing and emphasizing individuality, was born long time ago. And finally Sonya presented her first conceptual men’s collection “8” (eight) in September 2011. That’s a favorite designer’s number.

Participation in the Fashion Week

During Ukrainian Fashion Week FW 13/14 in 2013 Sonya Monina presented her first Men’s Collection FW 13/14

During Belarusian Fashion Week SS 16 in 2015 Sonya Monina presented Ukraine with Men’s Collection SS 16

During Saint Petersburg’s Fashion Week in 2017 Sonya Monina presented Men’s Collection SS 18.

Since 2018 Sonya Monina takes part only in Ukrainian Fashion Weeks.

Balance between Severity and Liberty

Today SONYA MONINA is a successful brand getting popularity around the World. The main characteristic is formulated as a “neo-universe”. That’s a Space Casual focused on the Future.

In general, the designer’s style is easily recognizable because of architectural, constructive and transformational forms. Each piece of cloth looks different on other people because of emphasizing individuality and reflects the Inner World of human. That is the balance between severity and liberty.

Fashion revolution

Sonya Monina does not just make men’s clothes; she breaks stereotypes and creates style! Nowadays she got a great experience with a lot of shows and collections. She creates convenient clothes according to modern time lines underlining each individuality. Man is a hunter and fighter! There are a lot of good things inside you.

Get them out! You were born to win and Sonya Monina is for you!

For men with love…