Sonya Monina (current name Olga Georgieva) – a designer of men’s clothing, a girl with a male character. Thanks to this line, he delicately feels men, their needs and mood. She creates practical and comfortable clothes. All models are characterized by a complex cut, manufacturability and transformability of parts. Urbanization of the world, cybernetics, robotics, space technology, the ecological situation of the planet – all this is reflected in the designer’s clothes.

SONYA MONINA believes that outwardly a man should be what he is inside. Style is the “second skin”. It is necessary to dress that which emphasizes individuality, thereby making oneself more confident and stronger.

Carier start

Sonia was born on December 29, 1988 in Brest. From the age of 5 she knew she would definitely create clothes. In 2003 she entered the Kiev University of Technology and Design, she chose the Faculty of Modeling for herself. SONYA MONINA is a pseudonym, which later became the brand name. He appeared in his student years and successfully established himself as a female designer. She confidently went to her goal, at the beginning of her career worked as a clothing designer and tailor. In parallel, I was engaged in the creation of men’s and women’s clothing. Work was not in vain, and in 2011 SONYA MONINA presented a capsule collection for women MUTTAZIYA. The honorary guests of the show, in which Sonya Monina presented her work, were the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris and the adviser Jean Paul Gaultier. They highly appreciated the potential of the young designer and predicted her a place of honor in the fashion industry.

At one of the international competitions Nuance Sonia Monina with the collection of Z.E.F.I.R. took first place and was invited to a fashion week in Washington.

In the same 2011, in September, the first collection of the men’s line was released. The idea of ​​dressing men, giving them individuality, emphasizing masculinity, came to Sonya Monina’s head when she moved to Kiev. According to the designer, most representatives of the stronger sex are dressed ordinary and monotonous. Not everyone can afford to buy branded goods. So there was a line of men’s T-shirts at reasonable prices. The collection wore the same simple, but original name – “8”. This number is Sony’s favorite figure, it symbolizes infinity.


Fashion revolution

SONYA MONINA not only creates the elements of the wardrobe for men, but also tries in every possible way to instill a sense of style to the representatives of the strong half of humanity. She leads her blog, works on the development of video courses and lessons in style. Sonya Monina, watching the “fashionable” men who merge with a crowd of the same “mods”, turning over glossy magazines (the way of imposing trends), is increasingly convinced that she still has a lot of work. Since 2012 she wears only men.

Now behind the shoulders of the girl not one show, not one collection has been created. She creates in the spirit of the era, creating a comfortable to wear clothes. It emphasizes the individuality of everyone. A man is a warrior, a defender. In each of them hides a lot of merits, you just need to be able to pull them out. Do not hide under clothes, but on the contrary, – emphasize. You do not need to create an image that is absolutely nourished. SONYA MONINA – designer, designed to bring everything back to normal.

Tandem designer and presenter

On March 10, 2013, within the framework of the Ukrainian Fashion Week, Sonya Monina presented her new autumn / winter collection 2013/14.

It included comfortable pants, stylish sweaters, practical t-shirts, knitted coats and cardigans with a hood. In October 2013, SONYA MONINA agreed to an interesting experiment and took part in a special show “Fashion on the air”. 17 designers have developed 17 ethereal images for famous TV hosts.

SONYA MONINA worked in tandem with Alexander Motor, who does not perceive officialdom in clothes. They had a lot in common, because Alexander wears practical and comfortable clothes, and the designer is what creates it. Agreeing to the experiment, the presenter was slightly afraid that he would have to go to the podium in a trendy outfit, but his fears were in vain.

Sketches for the motor were liked immediately, so they quickly came to a consensus.


The balance between rigor and freedom

SONYAMONINA – a successful brand, known for collections for men.

His corporate identity is formulated as “neo-universe”.

Urban-cosmic sasual, focused on the “clothes of the future.”

In numerous interviews, the designer noted that her only desire is to help the brave representatives of the planet look not just good, but modern, comfortable and cosmically comfortable. In such clothes, a man will feel like an individual in any part of the universe.

In general, the style of the designer is easily recognizable – silhouettes and forms of clothing emphasize the figure, give the image lightness, eccentricity and personality. Thanks to Sonja Monina, men’s clothing became bright, although the designer uses a calm and “everyday” color palette. Unexpected details give originality to the whole image.

SONYAMONINA is the clothes of the future, made of natural materials. It does not cut eyes and exactly reflects the inner world of the one who wears it.



In 2015, at the Fashion Week in Belarus, the Off Schedule program featured brands from different countries (Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Serbia and others). Sonia Monina introduced Ukraine with a collection of spring / summer 2016 in space style. Urban-cosmic sasual is something that is comfortable to wear now, it will be relevant in the future. Complex transformable forms, sculptural unique cut – this clothes, free from stamps, looks unique, actual and most importantly – comfortable.

SONYA MONINA knows exactly what men should look like in 2018. The collection features olympics, shorts, classic jackets and trousers. The final point is socks, a t-shirt and a bandage on the head. Nothing superfluous, which could distract or disturb.

The outfits of the designer combine comfort, practicality and spectacular presentation.

The success of SONYAMONINA brand is growing every year, attracting more and more men. But Sonya Monina is sure that it is not time to rest on our laurels. A lot still remains to be done.