When I was 5 years old I decided to be a designer of clothes. From the beginning I only draw and then I understood to create clothes sketching is not enough. You should know whole process of production, quality of materials and have feeling of future models. I was graduated College and University of Technology and Design. I had a lot of practice of sewing and design. I took part in different competitions and was a winner a lot of times. Sonya Monina is a pseudonym from student’s period which was transformed into trade mark. In 2011 I presented my first conceptual collection M.U.T.A.T.I.O.N. The main idea of it was Environmental Biology and Safe Planet. I’m fond of Nature, World and Planet. I think that a human is a part of Space and if we want safe our self we have to respect natural wealth.

At the moment I have three lines of clothes – Men, Women and Conceptual.

I create according to Modern Time producing conceptual and at the same time ready-to-wear clothes. I try to show individuality expressing brand’s philosophy through the concept. I’m sure that each person is talented, each of us has bonuses an d abilities, each of us is full of some good. There are not empty persons. All of us has his own ‘charge level’. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about it. We have to be different. The easiest way to do it is clothes. That’s why I create Conceptual clothes. Each of us find smith. close to him and dress up in different way, expressing his individuality. I like to make World better! Because World is We are!