Vest Heaven&Earth by Sonya Monina

Everything in our mortal world came to light as the result of the interpenetration of Heaven and Earth,
Yang and Yin, male and female. And good and evil. In nature and in life.
One without the other is unthinkable, one into another.

The vest carries with it the conceptual idea of the interpenetration of Heaven and Earth.
This is expressed in the harmonious combination of two related colors – blue and green.
These colors differ in tone, but similar in lightness.
They create the impression of a deep, mystical unreality.
Border honey them, due to their similarity, erased, and we see blue-green shades, which create a depth and fullness combination.

Spiritual color blue contact material green, to create a complete harmony, like heaven and earth.
If you can grasp the immensity, to find the harmony between spirituality and life wisdom is a combination of balance for you.

Vest crafted from genuine suede. Without the padding. Fastens with a zipper. It is possible to unbutton the top and bottom.
Thereby, it is possible to adjust the shape and volume.
The structure is decomposed into several constituent elements that interact with each other and how would interpenetrate each other.
Thus demonstrating the conceptual idea of creation.

Also, according to the concept, the product has no gender and refers to a category of products unisex.

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