The Wanderer. He is a soldier of Good and Light. He is created by Nature to be a Winner. He is fighting with Powers of Darkness daily and nightly. His clothes are his Power. There is a Nature’s Power of 5 elements inside of wear.

He dresses up volume pants with deep pockets, tank top, shirt and vest. His pants look like running rivers and waterfalls; his tops are Nature in different phenomenon. He wears dark cap with long peak to safe his eyes. There is an amulet given by Nature on his breast.

Everything in our World are divided into Five Elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

The Wood borne Fire, Fire borne Ground, Earth borne Metal, Metal borne Water, Water borne Wood.

The Wood is a winner of Earth, Earth is a winner of Water, Water is winner of Fire, Fire is winner of Metal.  Each of Elements is a phenomenon which could be born and borne, they are winners and slaves at the same time.